Our trip is not only exploring new places and meeting new people, their cultures and everyday life. It is also a journey inside of ourselves! Searching for answers to our most difficult questions, working on ourselves and our relationship, improving our characters and get know better each other 🙂 Because of this we decided to do Vipassana meditation course. During a course in Vipassana where we were in 10 days you need to keep silence all the time. Participants cannot communicate anyhow. The aim is to be totally calm and focused on yourself without any outward impulses. How does this meditation work? From the beginning it sounded strange and our families were anxious. So to cut long story in short…Vipsassana is one of the oldest Hindu techniques of meditation which was taught by Buddah as an Art of Life. It does not have any in common with any religion and everybody can take part in it FOR FREE or with a donation if they feel they want to give so !!!! Classes demand disciplined observations of your own brain and body. By meditating you can get rid of mental rubbish and achieve balance of mind which is full of love and compassion 😀 The aim is to reach higher consciousness, release from pain, achieve self-control and calmness. The whole practice is a mental training. Similar to physical exercises that we do to improve our physical condition, Vipassana can be used as an improvement of health mind. Generally, we are very glad we did it. We had a lot of time to work on ourselves. Being isolated and 100% focused on ourselves, without any outward impulses we were able to understand more and faster. If schools would start giving such classes maybe there wouldn’t be so much evil and madness around. It totally opens eyes and tells about things that everybody knows but does not practice and think about it daily. Everyday duties, problems, happiness, business, trainings, meetings and other activities make that we do not have time to stop for a while and think about our life, our behavior, our weaknesses, flaws and merits, hidden sorrows and anger. This technique works for everybody that is why it has fans all over the world!!  😀 And it is nothing hard… You decide if you like it or not. But there is always something that you can improve even after try – either you are too greedy, too nervous or you get angry too much and cannot forget. We did not have some spectacular feelings or thought about changing our lives totally. But for sure we want to work on some things. With this for sure it will be easier for us to face everyday together with love. Nice thing!!  🙂 For sure it is not a last time we did it! We want to meditate every day. I hope we can make it. Fingerts crossed! Kisses and a lot of love for all of you guys!!!!!! <3 PS. here you can see an outstanding documentary about how Vipassana works in Indian prisons!!!  <3 https://youtu.be/WkxSyv5R1sg

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