When after an intensive whole day of exploring you realize that it’s slowly getting dark and you still do not have a place to spend the night…?  But you don’t freak out yet, as you have your tent with you, which turns out not to be an option though, as sleeping in a tent is not easily accepted by the city police. You reluctantly think about a hotel until you realize that prices there are way out of proportion! What do you do? You calm down and look around.. and suddenly you notice a beautiful Buddhist temple right in front of you! And you have this idea: “Let’s go to that monastery!” So we grab each other’s hands and go there. A bit ashamed we reel up to one of the monks passing by and ask him if we could set our tent nearby or use a bit of their floor to sleep on (we have our sleeping bags). And he accepts without a single sign of hesitation! And we actually end up in a big, clean room with a bathroom!! Moreover, we are offered food as well. We spend some time talking with the monk, who we call “our monk” but as it’s getting late and everyone in the monastery wakes up the next day at 5am, it’s time to go to sleep. In the morning after breakfast we get a guided tour of the whole area, where you can find a temple, school, students’ house, teachers’ house and a cantine. Everything was very well organized and taken care of. It was a pleasure to see how it worked. We noticed that “our monk” was a very respected person in his community and that all people act and work together for the “common good”. It was very inspiring and so full of good energy, after a good sleep and such a warm welcome we left set off on a way to another adventure!

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