One of the attractions on which we spent not a lot of money was Backwaters. Both agencies and locals offer quite expensive tours on well equipped boats. On the boat there is a chef preparing food, alcohol and you do not need to care about anything. Houseboat, that is how is it called, is like the apartment on the water which takes you in one or a few day cruise on waters of south-west Indie. It is for sure impressive but if your budget is not so big you can easily use a public transport – a boat for locals. You can travel the whole day from one stop to another, get out wherever you want and observe the same things as tourist on rent, private boats. There is a difference in comfort for sure and for this comfort you pay. We pays 2zł each J Everybody can afford that. We of course do not criticize boat cruises but we want to show an alternative cheap possibility. We recommend it cause we believe it is the best option to get to know everyday reality of Backwaters inhabitants.


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