White man in India is perceived as a millionaire. In every place you feel that someone wants to take some money from you. Despite the fact that for entrances we pay 10 or even 20 times more than Indie citizens, Whiteys (that is how we described ourselves there :P) overpay for almost everything: food, drinks, fruit on the market, souvenirs, rickshaw, bus, everyday needs. The moment of inattention and suddenly the price is higher. That is why you need always to bargain! When you ask about the price, you need to bargain at least half of it. After a short “banter” you can achieve a price much lower that at the beginning. In every place we wanted to buy something such situations happened. Even a doctor, ticket inspector and a guard in a museum wanted to cheat us. It is not a nice feeling. And I never understand explaining such behavior with the fact that people are poor. Ok, we saw a lot of poor people. Many times we help them buying food or giving some money. Was it good or bad? I do not know, we just felt like doing that. On the other hand we also saw wealth, luxury and richness. It is everywhere like that! I will never understand explanations that “someone has more so I need to rip him off”. Of course con-men are everywhere, not only in Indie. As everywhere you can find here also AWESOME PEOPLE!

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