We went to Konglor Cave because all people highly recommended this place. At the beginning we were more interested in another less touristic cave – Xe Bang Fai. However we would not be able to see this cave because we were in a bit hurry (we will explain why in the next post). So we decided to go to that cave where the other people go. For us even the road to get there was great! Maybe something is wrong with us because we really like to watch the everyday live of ordinary people. We like to stop and talk to them about different things with kindness or just stop and drink a cup of tea together. The cave tour with a short stop in the middle for a short walk among the interesting rock formations takes about two hours. This is definitely an interesting and quite unusual experience  We took a boat ride inside the cave in complete darkness (only with the headlights) for the first time in our lives. We got a little wet by water from the top. Probably for someone who experienced a similar things before a visit in Konglor Cave may not be too excited. But we will remember that place and that experience as a nice one for sure! 


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