With this motto we went to Hampi – one of the most incredibile place in India from our perspective! We have arrived, we rented the scooter and the adventure started  Good advice at the very beginning – you should not hurry on scooter! And like every mom says – safety first 😉 With our impetuosity we had a first motorbike contact with the ground but fortunately we got just some scratchy memories after that fall:)…But let’s go back to Hampi  In the land of about 30 km2 there is sooo unusual view Nobody knows exactly where all that hundreds pile of stones comes from..One theory says that it’s thanks to Army of Monkeys that have thrown them all from the sky but we think that maybe it happend during the ice age :)… Anyway – It’s unbelievable how that huge stones appeared on the smaller ones on that scale!!! Some of that pile forms really big hills!! Moreover around them is placed couple hundreds of Hindu temples and super green rice fields with forests of palms what makes that area even more spectacular!! 😃We felt there a little bit like in the world of The Flintstones   We were starring at this landscapes for hours with open mouths  What is more during our stay in Hampi there was some special (another one 😃) festival – Shivaratri. In that day from the morning in front of many houses woman was making beautiful colorful mandalas!!  A lot of pilgrims came to celebrate and take part in rituals of that festival in the very important Virupaksha temple!! We went there in the evening so we thought we are late but celebration was just in the best moment:) On the temple squere there was a stage where many talented people were singing and dancing religious songs in beautiful clothes. Some people were listening, some singing, others were praying mantras. Next to the lively temple’s yard people were eating special meals and also some of them were sleeping or medetating  Around that there were dogs and cows  It was so interesting experience for us 🙂 HAMPI it’s definitely one of the TOP PLACES in India for us    !!


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