We could not imagine being in North of Thailand without trying great adventure of rafting😎 We decided to do it without any hesitation, especially that we have not tried it before and we were together with Maciek’s brother (Jacek) and our friend (Asia)  We were really excited! We were going down the mountain river more than 40 km and sometimes it was really WET! Jacek almost felt out of a boat but eventually Asia was the one who checked out the temperature of water The route was really demanding from time to time and we needed to paddle really hard but sometimes we were going with a river current enjoying nature. It was a time to enjoy the silence, beautiful views and sounds of the jungle We were watching the wildlife of kingfishers and lizards As we knew a really important in rafting adventure is your guide. We were really lucky to have a great one on board. First of all, Pol was really experienced and he knew everything about the river and the jungle. He knew every rock and brunch on the route so we felt safe. What is more, his sense of humor was almost as good as ours  so we couldn’t stop laughing! Generally speaking it was EPIC! We also could jump from the 8m high cliff straight to the river!! And we got a lot of pictures and videos from that day!! We totally recommend you such an adventure in Pai ONLY with Pai Adventures in Pai! THAT WAS SOOO GOOD! 


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