There are moments in life when one trusts his own intuition more than information one receives. This was one of such moments. We have been told that because of low level of water it was impossible to reach the area of Inle Lake on a boat and to get there we could only use the land. But we so much wanted to get that boat and experience this amazing ride that we found out about while reading one of traveler’s blogs. So despite of what we have heard, we still tried. And? And it worked! 😀 We spent an incredible day on a boat transporting food, building materials and us 🙂 On the way we only met a couple of others who, like us, took the risk, even though the water level was really low. While taking very narrow “water streets” we really had the impression we were swimming on grass! There was still a risk that some of the water plant stems gets entangled into the boat’s motor, but luckily it didn’t happen. We got to see the famous fishermen rowing with their legs who totally did not pay any attention to us. They kept doing their everyday work when we couldn’t stop watching them and their precise movements with admiration. There were only them and us – so all we like the most! The views there were amazing. The lake was surrounded by the mountains and it really was astonishing. We were sitting on the bow and while getting some speed our hair was fluttering in the wind and water kept splashing on our faces! We were happy like little kids! It really was a wonderful experience!!!


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