This advice is mostly for the travelers who have a rather low budget, so if you do not belong to those feel free to skip this part.

We came to Myanmar directly from India where it was cheap in the first place plus coach surfing works really well there, so it helped making some savings. The situation in Myanmar is slightly different, it’s way more expensive there and staying over at someone else’s place is rather illegal. A good way to limit expenses turned out to be sleeping in a tent and using night buses on longer distances.  The hotel prices were unfortunately higher than our daily budget. Obviously these two solutions do have their disadvantages as well. It was really very hot in the tent, as nights in Myanmar in that period of the year were very warm, whereas in the night buses, due to air conditioning, we were always cold. But saving money this way allowed us to explore more of this beautiful country.

One thought on “How to save money in Myanmar = a tent and night buses :)”

  1. Hi,

    Glad to read that is possibke tent in Myanmar!!
    Where did you tent? We use to do it in others countries on temples, buses stations, scohols and private patios. Also, sometines, we arrange some money to guesthouse.

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