In Nepal we realized for the first time how important is the insurance while travelling. How important it is to be aware of the fact that in case of anything one can always call and get some advice. That there is always someone who will tell you were to go to get help. We have to admit that during our trekking we had a couple of situations which might have had ended up badly. One unsteady step, one moment of distraction, tiredness or weakness may end up with a dislocation, fracture, faint or worse. Sometimes, for no reason, one may catch a bacterium which can cause diarrhea.  What then? Each organism reacts differently to climate change, different food, temperature, atmospheric pressure, so the same conditions may cause completely different reactions of our body.  I experienced it myself. I waited so long playing the “taugh girl” before going to the doctor that I almost dehydrated myself. Sure thing, nobody ever thinks that something bad is going to happen to him (we believe that it’s even better not take worry too much about things like that in advance in order not to make them happen), but in case of the health insurance, it really is something one should think about and invest in it. We are very lucky as one of our partners during this trip is Allianz Polska and so we know that  we are not alone here. It really is a comfort to feel safe, especially on a trip like ours, when things happen so quickly and everything changes all the time. We really appreciate the fact that we are insured enormously!

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