If you are going to Iran….. book more time for that trip. Add at least one week or even two for the time that you planned and it should be ok. When we were establishing in Poland an initial trip plan and Maciek mentioned that we shall spent 3 weeks in Iran I grabbed my head and express my discontent with a proper scowl. J It was probably a result of my ignorance connected with created by media stereotype of this country. Today I know that my reaction was totally wrong! First of all, we felt really safe in Iran. It is not a country of terrorists and bad people. Secondly, Iran impressed us so much with its all diversity and ordinary things as well.

It is hard to describe countless amounts of kindness, openness, and unselfishness that we received from total strangers. We had a chance to taste everyday life of modest, unwealthy people and rich people as well. We experienced being in their houses, meeting families, friend, we learned new customs and ways of thinking. This slow initiation is amazing.

Thirdly, not only people made us feel so positive about this country. Additional values are landscape diversity, abundance of culture pearls and not so much of aggressive tourism. We were so positively surprised!! We officially became faithful Iran fans and we often think about it.

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