During our trekking in the Himalayas we could admire beautiful landscapes every day by changing weather. But there was one particular place that for us was the most spectacular one. We arrived at the Mulde Peak view point by chance. It is located nearby the new trail (created two years ago) to Kophra Danda. Going 500 meters away from Dobato we discovered a breathtaking view of mountain peaks surrounded with clouds. It’s not a secret that discovering such hidden gems which are not too popular yet is something we really love. And so it is with Mulde Peak. Apart from us the only other person who was there in the same time was another Polish girl whom we had already met before on the way. Best greetings to Agata, by the way! Despite the cold and strong wind we went there twice so that we got to see both the sunrise and sunset. Have a look at it “through our eyes” 🙂


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