Actually we did not plan to go to Dubai. Though when we were booking our flight from Iran to Nepal we realized that the cheapest option was with a layover in UEA. And so we decided to do it: go to Dubai for one day and try to make the best out of this short stay there. After 3 weeks spent in Iran it was quite a shock to be honest. Women wear t-shirts here and and suddenly their hair appears not be a problem for anyone and do not need to be covered with a head-scarf.
The city was really impressive. We know that on that one day we just saw a tiny bit of it, but still. The city is very diverse and we had this impression of being in a nice space. In the Old Townof Dubai the architectonic style is completely different from what people usually imagine as Dubai style, the life pace seams to go more slowly as well. In other areas splendour is what one can see the most. One has the impression that nothing is impossible here. You want the world highest building? A luxurious apartment on a fake island? A tennis court in the clouds? A ski slope in a shopping mall? A gold phone? A tiger on a leash? You want to dive with sharks? See the miniatures of all countries in one place? You can find it all here! All in all: a definitely interesting experience!
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