The name of this place shows that it looks like paradise. So we get in a local bus and them we get out in a nearby village and we walk. We walk and walk loaded with water and kilos of fruit that we bought on a local market. The sun is high since we set out later that we planned. Moreover, in front of us we can see a hill – nice, that is what we were waiting for – trekking in flip flops in 40 degrees heat. But we are stubborn, we continue walking. Finally it turns out that behind the hill there is … paradise. Beautiful gulf with azure water and white sand. This place surrounded with rocks creates a gulf that is away from other beaches. There is no hotel, restaurant or even a shop here! But you want die starving here – during the day you can find a camp-kitchen here. A woman fries omelets, rice with vegetables or whatever she has. Dishes are simple but they taste like at home. You can sleep on a hammock or in a tent or simply on a sand. Taking a bath in the evening you can see luminous plankton!!! It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Like little fairies are walking on you! During the day some tourists come here on boats but during the sunset it is totally silent here. You can only hear fireplaces. People sit together and they talk enjoying this magical place and a moment of lonely contemplation. This place is for sure full of positive energy! I hope that some businessman won’t “take it over” since this charm  will be lost.


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