ALLIANZ POLAND is a financial group active in the insurance sector, investments and pensions. The services of the company in Poland have benefited more than 2 million individual and corporate clients. Allianz Poland is part of one of the world’s leading providers of financial services. More than 78 million individual and corporate customers in 70 countries use the knowledge, international experience, financial strength and stability of the Group.


FINES OPERATOR BANK is currently the largest independent provider of credit agencies in Poland. Acting on the market since 2005, we took the direction and style of action based on the maximum transparent principles and partnerships with our customers. Since the beginning we have developed our network to more than 2,500 active agents who by selling loans have chosen us as the most trusted and reliable partner.


PAJAKSPORT is a family company managed by a team of young people involved, who are combining their passion with work, create a functional and reliable equipment for active people who love the mountains and traveling. Specialists of feather products for enthusiasts.


POZNAJ ŚWIAT is the oldest Polish monthly travel and reportage magazine, published since 1948 whose current circulation became more than 20 000 copies. It appears every fourth Friday of the month.


REGATTA is the most popular British brand for all fans of outdoor fun. Regatta’s idea is to create a highly technical, durable, comfortable clothes for all those who, regardless of the conditions they want to experience the adventure in the field. Whether you’re a climber, mountaineer, lover of trekking, Nordic walking, advanced hiker, mountain runner or simply love to travel. Whether you have four years or one hundred and four. Clothing brand Regatta are created and tested in the toughest conditions for you.


SWARZĘDZ HOME was founded from passion and dreams. The company tradition dates back to 1905 but they keep thinking about their future and they are open to new ideas. They create furniture of timeless beauty and the highest quality. They are inspired by traditional and natural materials: wood, leather, stone which require artistry and noble handwork. In production facilities from Swarzędz, we manufacture furniture and furniture accessories using traditional methods.


ZŁOTOWSKI KORPUS EKSPEDYCYJNY are several independent units seeking for exploration lands near and further, acting alone or in a group, moving cycling, walking or other suitable means of transport, intended for tourism activities and sightseeing outside, “the metropolis”.


Our expedition was under the Auspices of the Złotów Mayor (Złotów is Maciek’s hometown). Złotów itself is a charming town in the Great Poland province, located in the historic, picturesque land.


Partner of our journey is also the Town Hall Żagań. (Żagań is Ola’s hometown). Unusual place with beautiful surroundings in western Poland, in Lubuskie. Located on the border of the Silesian-Lusatian Lowland and Shaft Trzebnicki over Bober and Czerna Wielka rivers.
14625248_10210987474347115_799650726_nVilla Opera Hostel in Tbilisi is interesting location for both visitors to the capital as well as people who want to easily get out of the city to other parts of Georgia (500 meters from Ghrmaghele). The first hostel was founded and run by Poles and Georgians!