In Laos we have spent almost whole June (2017). Which means we were there at the beginning of a rainy season. It was consequently raining every day. Downpours come suddenly but with different intensity and can easily disturb hitchhiking, scooter ride, trekking in the middle of a jungle or a regular walk. You can imagine consequences of those surprise rains – totally wet clothes all the time and no possibility of a night in a tent. Any plan can be easily disrupt by rain. But on the other hand, there are three advantages of spending time in Laos in a rainy season!

First of all, if you are not in a hurry such a rain can be an excuse to take a rest or drink a cup of coffee or a popular Beer Lao. Secondly, during rainy season there are much less tourists and prices are lower. Last but not least, all the waterfalls and other water regions are energized with water and look much better in reality and also on Instagram holiday photos 😉 Moreover, ubiquitous greenery is so intensive that you can go crazy from excitement. Rainy season with 30 degrees heat did not bother us at all 🙂

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