It supposed to be quiet time 😉 We wanted to rent a scooter and go around Pakse (south Laos) in 2-3 days looking for local villages. And although we had a lot of attractions we did not complete our mission 100%. But….we had one of the most exciting adventure in our lives.


We started from visiting a small coffee plantation. We have seen it for the first time! 😀 And accidentally we stumbled on the pineapple bushes!!! – we were sure that pineapple grows on trees😉… On the local market we saw such animals as lizards, frogs, snails, polypores that are used for vodka production, eatable lotus fruit and many more interesting things..We met women smoking pipes from buffalos horns or from bamboo. We observed people walking in water on rice fileds weaving on wooden constructions. We met a boy who shot with a sling some squirrel-like animal and was going to sell it. We met a family which raised monkeys to eat or sell them!! Of course we enjoyed landscapes and waterfalls!😀


It did not seem at all that we will go off the road and that there will be a weather break down. But it happened! We got stuck in rainstorm, in darkness regularly cut by strong lightenings! We were in the middle of nowhere, high in the mountains in impenetrable forest, on a road that was half built in mud over our knees. There was no sense an chances to go with our scooter…A total disaster…And then it came…. Georgious, huge construction lorry. They took us together with our scooter and we went with our saviours somewhere… but we were happy that we were not alone. We thought we are safe until the moment when truck got stuck on a steep scarp. And what happened next was just astonishing. On the roadway there was an abandoned excavator. A man form our lorry jumped in it and pushed „our” lorry. And thanks to that we continiuted our trip. We have no idea how long we were going. We were cold and wet, stressed, tired and hungry. But finally we were roofed and fed in Vietnamese construction workers ’camp. Believe us that a bowl of rice with “waterweeds” tasted like the best food ever. 😀

Next day we had to go on and the road wasn’t to much better but fortunately there was almost no rain 😀 Thanks to that after crossing several rivers and driving all day on dusty, steep and very rough road we finally got to the main road!! Probably some angels took care of us…. So, thank You! We promise that we will analyze more our next routes! 🙏

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