Munnar region in India is a really magical land. Someone could say – it is just a tea plantation… how can it be interesting? But it is indeed very interesting! Maybe it impressed us so much because we have seen it for the first time? Huge, never ending fields of bushes, really high hills covered with a “carpet of juice green”. Wherever you look, you can see tea. We felt like in a fairy tale. We imagined that Tolkien writing Hobbit could be inspired by such a localization. We recommend renting a scooter and going a few kilometers away from the town. We can guarantee that those view will surprise you. We did not have enough after 2 days of exploring it. moreover, we decided to jump into bushes and help women with collecting tea. Both we and women had a lot of fun doing that. Women eagerly posed to pictures and even asked Maciek for more photos. And I helped preparing tea pack that will be sent somewhere in the world 😀


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