I started dreaming about Himalayan trekking a couple of years ago when I looked at my good friends’ photos of their adventure in mountains. I knew right then that I will do everything to experience that. And… it worked! It’s simply an amazing feeling when one of your dreams comes true. So I’m telling you: it’s really worth it to dream and set goals, because they make come true, it is all up to us. Limitations are mostly in our heads.

Neither Maciek nor I are true “mountain people” and we hadn’t really had any achievements on that field, but it’s not like we had never been in mountains either and we are definitely not lazy and out of form. We always tried to have an active lifestyle and sport obviously was a part of it, but let’s admit: trekking in high mountains it’s a completely different level of activity 🙂 Couple of long days in a row with all your belongings on your back – it really was not easy for us. Struggling every day with muscles stiffness, our own weakness, our nutrition problems, the cold, the hot, changes of air pressure, our sweat, our incapability and tiredness – it all can really discourage… or on the contrary motivate even more.

For us it was rather the second option. Usually what comes easily, gets forgotten even faster. We believe that in order to achieve something one has to struggle. Only then it makes sense to us, only then it’s a real victory. Only then it brings satisfaction and the feeling of fulfilment. That satisfaction we felt every day, every hour, minute and even second wandering in the Himalayas and admiring the beauty of the nature. While looking at the ice-covered peaks of the eight thousanders and hearing stones falling from them we realized what tiny little creatures we actually are, what history these mountains have and how much time it took the Mother Earth to “construct” such a wonder. We suddenly saw what we have been learning in geography lessons at school and what seems to be as far away as the moon. We also realized that hiking is addictive. Even though we just tried it for the first time, we already managed to understand why Himalayan climbers can’t live without doing it again and again. Why they keep hiking even despite the risk. It simply works this way 🙂 One just falls for it completely.

We admire that determination, skills, physical and mental condition and strength and other abilities necessary to do that. We wish you and us that we all face life adversities with courage and heads full of ideas and in case of failures do not get discourages but keep trying.We wish you fulfilment and satisfaction!


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