Our visit in the capital city of Indian state Punjab and the most sacred city of Sikhism turned out to be one of the most amazing experience in India we had. You can find here famous Golden Temple which attract thousands of tourists every day!!! 🙂 We have never studied thoroughly info about that belief so now we will describe it a bit 😉 🙂 As we learned Sikhism is a religion that has some common elements with Islam and Hinduism. Similarly as in Islam there is no visual image of God but He exists with multiple names. Elements similar to Hinduism are meditation technics which are a method of connection with the God and belief in reincarnation. The religion does not support hatred, religious wars and does not divide people. It’s aim is to create community that should work for common goodness and love of God. Sikhism reject liturgy and rituals and accepts 3 rules: everybody should live thanks to fair and honest work; people are equal; everybody should help each other!!! 🙂 But going back to the Temple, it’s a magical place… You enter it with bare feet. Walking on murmur floor and feeling sunshine on your face when you listen that live singing and playing music :).. You can feel here very spiritual vibe…even with that thousand people around. You feel like you want to sit down and pray/meditate/contemplate in silence. We also felt it 🙂 Another interesting thing about Golden Temple is very unusual place that is placed next to it – a giant temple’s canteen! Anyone can comes here, regardless of race, social status or religion and can get a full meal!! This is all closely linked to the values pursued by the Sikhs: to do good things, to help others and to work hard. As we heard even 40 thousands of people eat here everyday that delicious food prepared by volunteers in huge pots 😀 Anyone can join that group without any formalities!! 🙂 Beautiful thing!!! We’ve never seen before such sincere and selfless attitude of people towards each other in such a scale!!! Despite the crowds, there is an unusual order and cleanliness! This machine works as the best Swiss watch;) !!! There is a section of people give plates, show the way, bring the vegetables, cook bread, kneading dough, washing, cleaning and so on…Soo many people!!..Everything is done quickly and efficiently. From the moment you take a seat with your plate to the exit it’s just 10-12 minutes:D!!…without being hurry 🙂 To make the temple’s area even more interesting there is a free sleep place for pilgrims with a special dormitory section for foreigners !! It is hard to understand the amount of good energy and prosperity there! However, we experienced all that with great joy and thankfulness 🙂 The atmosphere and openness of the people made enormous impression on us. We are pleased that we could be a part of this extraordinary process for a little moment! 🙂 We exactly understood why that place is on every MUST SEE list 🙂 <3


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