Hi! We are lifepackers – Ola Kusz and Maciej Pulit. It’s great that you found us! Below you can find a few sentences about what is going on here.

We are a couple of experienced film and photo advertising producers, passionate of new places, emotions, challenges. We are runaways from everyday rush, culinary discoverers and amateur sportsmen. In the 2nd of October 2016 we set off to the trip around the world. Our aim is to discover and present the truth. Our journey which is supposed to last 2 years shall help us getting to know ourselves and everyday life of people all around the world. 4 continents, 33 countries, thousands of pitstops, a lot of adventure, emotions, extraordinary places, people and situations wait for us. While hitchhiking and sleeping mostly in local houses, we want to look at the world through a few interesting “filters” of everyday life. We plan to observe culinary, architectonic, feminine, artistic and sports contexts in every country that we visit. Maybe we will add some other filters if something inspires us during the trip. That way we want to observe cultural differences all around the world.

You can read our reflections and thoughts on this blog. What is more, during our trip we want to work, since we do not have so much savings for such a long trip. Having with us film-photo equipment (SONY A6300), we offer cooperation in terms of creating context content to SM (photographing, filming, text writing ect.). We are open to any interesting ideas and our experience in advertising market for sure will be helpful in lifepackers’ productions. You can find more in subpage COOPERATION.