Before every trip, longer or shorter, some of the technical-equipment cases need to be considered. We also had a lot of them. We spent a long time on reading opinions on blogs, professional websites, on consultations in professional stores and finally we decided! We were thinking if it is worth investing in shoes or isnโ€™t it better to leave it and travel in regular sneakers. But we both decided that it is important to have solid shoes! It is obvious that legs are exhausted during wandering.

By choosing unsuitable shoes you jeopardize your feet to sores which are hard to get rid of. Thanks to REGATTA company we got shoes that are light, comfortable, functional and good looking :)…and one more time they are really LIGHT!!!! Although we are testing them only 4 weeks now, we have experienced heavy rain, snow storm, a lot of trekking in the mountains, heat about 30 degrees and we are totally satisfied! We were positively surprised since before we had some bad experience with shoes.

That is why we totally encourage everybody who is going to a trip with almost a bit of walking to focus on choosing good shoes. When your feet hurt it is difficult to walk to explore the world (which is the most important for us ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Technical specification:

  • ISOTEX material โ€“ waterproof and breathing
  • Outer material from wax, obverse leather with high bootleg preventing getting snow inside
  • Ultralight VIBRAM Tubava sole with high adherence and comfort’

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