In Vang Vieng we decided to do something crazy with Green Discovery Laos – The Vang Vieng Challange!! We went for 2 days tour in the jungle when we were climbing through the waterfall and we were ziplining first time in our lifes😁!!!!!!! There were 2 reasons: My 30th birthday (!) and our curiosity as we heard that is one of the best thing to do in Laos. We started with a 7 people group with professional tour guides.

At the beginning we were trekking through the forests, mud and mountain streams (leeches were swimming there!!). Heat was overwhelming so we were sweating so much and a lunch break was a relief πŸ˜‰ After lunch we went toward some rocks with waterfalls.

Here, fastened to a climbing harness we were climbing slowly on a vertical rock wall!!. From time to time water from a waterfall refreshed us and our feet were slipping on mossy stones. Everything was going smoothly till the moment when storm began! 😬 Thunderstorms where heard everywhere and there were more and more water in a waterfall that was falling down with a huge speed and hiding from us some steps. First part of our group got to the hut in which we were supposed to sleep that night. But a second part got stuck because of the weather. Experienced guides estimated a situation and stopped 4 people to prepare new, safe route. Although we trusted Green Discovery Laos crew the whole situation was a not easy at all!! I was on the top already and I didn’t know what is going on with Maciek which scared me. Suddenly everybody got to the top. Cold, hungry and totally wet but happy and smiling! πŸ˜ƒ
After a while, when we calmed down food for us was prepared on a balcony. 😁😁 Rain stopped raining and we saw a stunning view on a broad valley. When sun went down we were talking and playing cards by the candle light. Silence was stopped only by sound of waterfall πŸ™‚. We could sleep either in a room or on the balcony under thousands of stars. Without any hesitation we have chosen the second option. Next day we were mostly going down on ropes but we also needed to get through muddy brush and some rope bridges over the hollow😁. Everything with proper security!! As it was a first time for us we were very excited. The route down had a few hundred meters. Rides above the trees with a view on valleys were amazing. Wherever we could see and feel juicy greenery, clouds of steam, blue sky and from time to time still the noise of waterfall πŸ˜€ Amazing experience! We were so excited and every ride was a great fun.

Everybody had so much fun and that is the point of it from our perspective! We had a really positive group – everybody was helpful and open and Green Discovery Laos crew did a really good and so professional job! We highly recommend such a challenge – great experience! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

If you want to experience the same adventure here you can find the direct link to website -> VANG VIENG CHALLENGE


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